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Building upon recent successes in increasing enrollment in preschool education, the current round of investment from GPE is working towards establishing 60 new community-based kindergartens


Quality early education can help children reduce the chances of dropout and repetition while improving learning at all levels. During the early years, the foundations of all learning are laid, presenting an opportunity that should be nurtured. However, a large number of children in the Kyrgyz Republic – especially those living in rural and hard-to-reach areas – are missing this window of opportunity. In 2018, only 39% of children had access to pre-primary education.

Recognizing that early learning brings benefits for all children but is especially valuable for the most disadvantaged, the GPE program - through a US$12.6 million grant - aimed to expand access to quality early learning.  

Between 2014-2018, through GPE’s grant, the government established 120 community-based kindergartens to offer early learning opportunities to students in the poorest and hardest-to-reach areas. In parallel, teachers were trained to build their skills and knowledge, classrooms were furnished and learning materials distributed. Results are promising: 10,000 students were enrolled in community-based kindergartens and the demand keeps growing.

Building upon recent successes in increasing enrollment in preschool education, the current round of investment from GPE is working towards establishing 60 new community-based kindergartens, targeting areas where access to such services is below the national rural average.

In Grozd village, 40km north of Bishkek, local families and children are reaping the benefits of this program with newly developed facilities along with updated lesson plans and materials available to students and teachers alike. Accessibility to preschool education is providing a holistic answer to many family’s problems, assisting parents with their work-life balance and preparing their children for formal education.

As the world emerges from the COVID-19 crisis, the Transforming Education Summit, convened by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, will take place in New York on Monday, Sept. 19,  2022, during the high-level week. 
The Summit aims to place education at the top of the global political agenda and will provide an opportunity to gather major education actors, such as Ministers of Education, UN Organizations, youth, CSOs and private sector partners.

At the Transforming Education Summit, GPE is calling on world leaders to urgently fund 12 years of quality education for all children. 

00:00:03 – 00:00:30 – B-roll – Bishkek GVs

00:00:33 – 00:01:15 – INTV – Nurzida Kazymova, Head of Preschool Education Training

00:01:18 – 00:02:46 – B-roll – Grozd GVs, arrival of families to the kindergarten

00:02:49 – 00:03:16 – INTV – Gulnura, 46-year-old parent

00:03:19 – 00:03:43 – INTV – Buston kyzy Nurzat – 26-year-old parent

00:03:46 – 00:05:05 – B-roll – Children take part in a lesson

00:05:07 – 00:05:27 – INTV – Adina Azatovna – Kindergarten Teacher

00:05:31 – 00:06:01 – B-roll – Children play outside

00:06:04 – 00:06:49 – INTV – Timur Djumaliev – Head of Grozd Village

Nurzida Kazymova, Head of Preschool Education and Preschool Training, Ministry of Education and Science


There are 1 118 000 children (in Kyrgyz Republic) and only 200 000 go to kindergarten.


If we want to make sure that one hundred percent of children have access, then we need to build 2665 more.


We opened small classes in community buildings, schools or other facilities provided by the government.


It helps us involve more children in the process of early education and raise their performance.

Gulnura, 46-year-old parent


I really like this kindergarten, primarily because of the time saved.

I live near this village, in Grozd. I bring my child for three hours during the day and in this time I can finish my work which is really convenient.

I want my child to be raised as a good citizen in the future and that’s why I brought him here.

Buston Kyzy Nurzat – 26-year-old parent

One of the biggest problems for most parents right now is money, everything is expensive, everyone has their own problems.

That’s why it’s helpful to bring my child to the kindergarten for three hours for no charge, so that he can be at class and play, it’s really convenient.

Adina Azatovna – Kindergarten, Teacher

The training materials were really useful for us, the children are engaged and want to be involved in class thanks to these materials.

Our children are inquisitive, active, and always interested to be in involved in these lessons.

Timur Djumaliev, Head of Grozd Village

We have 500 children who are waiting to get a place in the Kindergarten, we have a large amount of vulnerable people, mostly large families.

We started opening preschool education classes in 2018 as part of the project funded by GPE.

They equipped the classrooms, washing facilities and renewed the playground through this project.

17 September 2022