23 July 2022 Entertainment News


First Pokémon GO Fest in the United States since 2019


Tens of thousands of Pokémon trainers descended on the Seattle Center Friday, July 22 through Sunday, July 24. Niantic, the creators of Pokémon GO, constructed multiple real-world habitats, bringing Pokémon catching to life. Trainers worked together to catch rare and exclusive Pokémon, participated in special challenges called Raids, met well-known Pokémon like Pikachu and Eevee, and more. This is the first in-person Pokémon GO Fest in the United States since 2019.

Seattle, WA 22 July 2022

1. Crowds

2. Niantic sign

3. Various Go Fest attendees looking at their phones

4. Pokémon life-size character Pikachu hugs young kid

5. Various more shots of GO Fest attendees at Seattle Center

6. Trading Post

7. SOUNDBITE (English) Kriket_23, Influencer:

"Hi, I'm Kriket_23, and my favorite part of playing Pokémon GO is the community. This is incredible meeting you guys. It's just it's like having the biggest warm hug and hot chocolate at the same time. This is amazing. These these in-person experiences. The best."

8. SOUNDBITE (English) Billy the Trainer, Influencer:

"All right. Hey, guys. I'm Billy the Trainer Club on YouTube. The experience at GO Fest is one of a kind. Something that you absolutely must be here for the habitats, the spawns, the people, the excitement, the electricity in the air. Something that you do not want to miss. So definitely GO Fest is the place to be."

9. SOUNDBITE (English) Michael Sterenka Director-Pokémon GO:

"Pokémon Go Fest is the best Pokémon experience that players have all year round. We consider it the biggest event that we put on, and this year we're bringing Pokémon GO Fest to beautiful Seattle Center in Seattle and you'll see tens of thousands of trainers all hanging out together, catching over 80 unique Pokémon throughout the day and just having an amazing time."

10. SOUNDBITE (English) Michael Sterenka Director-Pokémon GO:
"Yeah. So this is the first year since 2019 that we've brought Pokémon Go Fest back to an in-person experience, and it's also the first time that we're bringing it to Seattle, so we're so stoked. This is really where the best of Pokémon GO Fest comes to life when you can experience it with so many other people also having an amazing time together. We've also been very fortunate with the weather this weekend. So, you know, it's a beautiful time to go outside and enjoy some fresh air and catch some Pokémon."

11. SOUNDBITE (English) Michael Sterenka Director-Pokémon GO:

"For first-time GO Fest attendees, Pokémon GO Fest, I think, is actually one of the best times to come in and try Pokémon Go. You're going to see people from all different backgrounds traveling in, from all over the world, having a good time together. And what that means is you can actually talk to people and everybody's so friendly here, they're going to help you out, you know, learn the ropes and whatnot. You can even add friends and we have a whole trading outpost, so you can complete special trades and catch Pokémon or get Pokémon traded to you from all over the world that you might not be able to even find in your hometown."

12. SOUNDBITE (English) Mira, GO Fest attendee:

"I'm looking for like a shiny unknown today and a shiny darkrai. Me and my sister have been playing Pokémon Go since it came out so for it to come to our city. We're like exceptionally excited for sure."

13. SOUNDBITE (English) Unknown, GO Fest attendees:

"This is Snorlax. Pretty cool. It gets in your way when he eats too much."

14. SOUNDBITE (English) Sunny and Abby, GO Fest attendees:

"We catch Pokémon, battle each other and do some raids. Looking for shinies."

15. SOUNDBITE (English) Hannah and Brandon, GO Fest attendees:

"Pokémon GO Festival. Yeah! What is it? It's when you catch a bunch of Pokémon on Pokémon Go."

16. SOUNDBITE (English) Bryce & Jacob, GO Fest attendees:

"Go fish. Yeah. I mean, I guess because everybody is here, everyone's catching Pokémon. Like, it's pretty fun that you get to interact with everybody you can see, like, are you guys trying to catch the same shinies you guys can or catch do raids together? Yeah."

17. SOUNDBITE (English) Mike, GO Fest attendee:

"We are here for Pokémon GO Fest 2022."

18. SOUNDBITE (English) Antonio and Antonio, GO Fest attendees:

"We're actually doing a trade. What are you trading? I, I was training a shiny starly and a shiny foongus."

19. SOUNDBITE (English) Various groups:

"Pokémon GO Fest 2022!"

23 July 2022